BASE proudly boasts a very successful corporate safety culture that initiates, and supports, proactive safety standards designed to foster an environment of ongoing learning and process improvement. We are proud of our Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program, and currently maintain a rating of 96%.

We believe safety is the job of every employee and all personnel are expected to take an active, and equal, role in the program. We welcome the opportunity to avail you of our Program in its entirety and it’s supporting manual.

Field Survey Crew and Inspection personnel are expected to provide, and operate with, the following Safety Qualifications:

  • First Aid certification
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training
  • H2S training
  • Construction Safety Training System
  • Other industry specific safety certifications (All-Terrain Vehicle Operation, Power Saw Operation, etc.) as required
  • Fully compliant & regular Drug & Alcohol tests
  • Compliant Driving certifications

BASE prioritizes regular, active, participation in all client safety meetings and programs. Project Managers are required to personally initiate and oversee safety related meetings and site specific details for their projects.

Our company has never had Field related lost time accident, something we are tremendously proud of. Inspections by our in-house safety auditor(s) are conducted on an ongoing basis for all Field related activities. All staff are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment while on site and assess the safety of the project and the environment at all times. Safety incidents and/or concerns are investigated and remedied immediately and later reviewed within the context of our overall safety program. BASE actively initiates internal and external ongoing improvement process reviews in concert with change management activities to ensure safety remains at the forefront of our project execution standards.

Safety Affiliations

COR Workplace Safety
ISN Member Contractor
Workers Board

Safety Manager

Rick Badger, Bearisto and Associates Safety Manager Rick Badger

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