Municipal Engineering

Engineering is a core complement that has branded Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd. (BASE) through the years as a competent specialist in multiple areas. Specifically, Municipal Engineering is what we have become known for in the industry. BASE provides a full ranges of services including:

Planning Services

Land Rezoning

Legal Land Subdivision Services

Detailed Engineering

Residential Plot Plans, Stake Outs and Grading Certificates

Municipal Infrastructure Engineering and Design


Dennis Hussey Dennis Hussey, P.Eng.
Director Municipal Engineering
Cody Bearisto Cody Bearisto, P.Eng.
Project Director Municipal Engineering
Kraig Gramlick Kraig Gramlick, P.Eng.
Project Director Municipal Engineering
Dan Wong With Bearisto & Associates Engineering Dan Wong, P.Eng
Mechanical Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Dennis Schmidt, P.Eng
Project Engineer
Izabela Matyka, E.I.T

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