We Give Back

Actively support education in every form; particularly in sustainable education programs designed to support the short and long term needs of local employers

We Reduce

We seek to reduce waste & consumption within our offices, job sites and the communities we live and work in

We Participate

We are committed to devoting resources toward our Guiding Principles in a measurable way and ensure we consistently improve our performance annually

We are Accountable

We ensure we support, and partner with, organizations that are in alignment with our principles, and actively hold them accountable for their initiatives when contract renewals are considered. Suppliers and Business Partners with structured programs supporting our own Stewardship initiatives are given preferential consideration.

Like many small companies we are inundated annually with requests for donations/tickets/ other offers, promising advertising or other forms of return. While these “standard” programs are viable- BASE believes these various programs and formats provide minimal return and have a minimal impact on their various causes and our overall business strategy, and as a result, BASE has created a Time is Money program that we feel is far more effective:

Our people are our company’s greatest asset and in 2017 we will begin to invest in our people- not causes or programs. What drives our people will ultimately drive our organization. In addition to the obvious and standard programs such as recycling, and power reduction we turn our most powerful asset toward the things that matter to them and to BASE with our $100,000.00 “Time is Money” program

How it works:
Every BASE employee willing to donate their time toward any organization or initiative that is aligned with our Corporate, Social & Environmental Stewardship Guiding Principles is eligible to be reimbursed for up to 40 hours of their donated time.

Reimbursement format:
Paid time for the employee
Donation to their organization for the total of their donated wages (tax receipt will be required)

Over 50 years in our community has afforded Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd. (BASE) the privilege of being able to give back to our community by initiating, and participating, in a wide variety of charitable and volunteer opportunities.

Listed below are some of the many worthwhile organizations we are proudly affiliated with:

  • APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers, and Geoscientists of Alberta)
  • APEGBC (Association of Professional Engineers, and Geoscientists of British Columbia)
  • ASET (Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta)
  • Alberta Land Surveyors Association
  • Alberta Summer Games 2000; Arctic Winter Games 2010
  • 2004 Royal Bank Cup; 2007 Peace Country Corporate Challenge
  • Grande Prairie Regional College
  • South Bear Creek Recreational Area (Grande Prairie)
  • Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park
  • Construction of schools and infrastructure in Ethiopia
  • Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary International
  • Junior Achievement
  • Toastmasters International
  • Numerous local youth sports clubs and teams
  • Ongoing community charitable donations in alignment with our Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Stewardship Guiding Principles

It is not uncommon for all businesses to have initiatives that improve and sustain the environment we live and work in, BASE is no exception. BASE remains dedicated to the conservation and sustainment of our Environment and as such, requires all of our offices to support the following basic operational guidelines:

  • Recycling Programs: Paper, toner, bottles and all other regional standards as they are available
  • Reduction Programs: Providing re-usable bottles/cups etc. at all locations to reduce the volume of single use items used as often as possible
  • Printing & Paper Consumption Initiatives: Double-sided defaults (where practical and acceptable), paperless communication systems (paperless pay stubs, paperless T4’s, expense reports and internal notices and memo’s etc.), visual aid requirements for meetings that eliminate the need for printed agenda’s or handouts where practical
  • Energy Consumption/Conservation Initiatives: Light fixtures replaced with LED systems and motion sensor light switches (where appropriate) as part of a long term strategy. Computers and Printers programmed to revert to Energy Saving default modes
  • Finance Paperless Initiatives: Paperless invoices, statements and payment systems (where clients are able to support it)
  • Paperless Field Reporting Systems: The use of iPads and other digital resources to eliminate the use of paper Field Notes, Time Sheets and other Field to Finish reporting systems. This initiative is part of a larger strategy to reduce human error throughout the data collection & transference process(s)
  • Paperless Project Systems: A 5 year plan to significantly reduce, and permanently remove the need for large drawing sets produced repeatedly for meetings and other purposes. Permanently leveraging the use of iPads, Smart/Digital Boards, and other document sharing and editing systems that generate less waste and more permanent/shareable records
  • Digital Archiving: All closed files stored within our organization are stored digitally and throughout the life of the project every effort is made to eliminate/scan and reduce and eliminate the use of paper. Where records are digital they are not printed unless absolutely necessary

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